Ideas to Reuse Your Diaper Boxes

As you are navigating the toddler years you are likely churning through the diapers at a rapid rate, and you will have a stack of leftover boxes as a result.

Why not turn these boxes into some fun craft projects so you can make some use of this material rather than just throw them in the trash?

It is a great way to teach your kids about being resourceful, recycling, and also turning trash into treasure.

5 Ideas to Reuse Your Diaper Boxes

1. Toy Box

You can really pretty these up by neatly folding a nicely styled gift wrapping paper around the edges of the box.

If you really wanted to go the extra mile you can use things like twine, pillow cases or other fabric to really class things up.

But for a simple toy box you may want to just use wrapping paper with a recognizable kids character on it so it is easily identifiable by your toddler, and that it belongs in the nursery or toy room.

These boxes can be surprisingly durable when sealed in this way.

2. Diaper Changing Organizer

Being made of cheap cardboard it is easy to cut these down to size. So rather than keeping a deep diaper box you can just cut the thing in half so you have a nice open topped organizer where diapers and baby wipes are available at your fingertips.

This is a life saver to have next to your diaper change table, and will last you forever. No need to go and buy anything expensive here.

You can also pretty it up as you would for the toy box above if you wanted to. Sealing with plastic contact will also help it last a long time in case any moisture gets in.

3. Extra Trash Bin

Speaking of diapers, if you need an extra trash bin to be able to toss them into song with your baby wipes then just place a plastic bag liner into the diaper box.

Don’t expect this to last for months on end, but it is a cheap and disposable option that is easily replaced as you churn through your diapers anyway.

5. Craft Project Storage

Cutting up just one box in a similar way for your diaper organizer will give you two trays to add to your craft area.

One for your paints, glues, crayons and scissors. The other for your finished projects.

Waiting for paint to dry? A shallow half diaper box will ensure that a gust of wind doesn’t blow a project with wet paint onto the carpet.

6. Star Wars AT-AT

This one is a bit out of left field, but you can make your leftover diaper boxes into oversized Star Wars toys!

This diaper box idea will require at least 4-5 diaper boxes. So save them up for… what? A week or so?

You will end up with a fairly large structure that little boys especially will love to play with. Even if they are a bit rough on it and it falls apart, who cares? It’s only a DIY cardboard toy anyway.

You will need one full box for the center of the body, and then two to make up the body at either end of your center.

You can then piece together a head, neck, and legs from the remaining boxes.

Add a lot of tape and you have a four legged, and relatively sturdy looking AT-AT.

If you want to go a bit more realistic than the huggies logo then you can paint it gray. Probably an outside job with toddlers around!

Final Word

So don’t just throw away your diaper boxes as they empty. You can put these to great use around your home.

Everything from elaborate craft, and life size toy projects, to extra storage for all your baby stuff.

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